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Pushing the Bounds of Science

Over Land, Air, Sea, and Space

Delivering Innovative Solutions

That Support the War Fighter

Pushing the Bounds 
of Science

At IERUS, our mission is to bring innovative and reliable solutions to aid the warfighter.

We use Electromagnetic Phenomenology, Analytical Computing, and Weapon System Engineering to rapidly provide holistic hardware, software, and service solutions for our customers. Our extensive experience, built upon close-support roles with our prime customers, provides us with the technical and programmatic knowledge to tackle even the largest of engineering problems. 

Featured Products

Our team of innovators, decision makers, critical thinkers and leaders invent products that solve challenges and meet the needs of the DoD and the war fighter.


Development of seamless tileable phased array technology to support reconfigurable and multiband arrays. The next-generation of modular antennas is here, adaptable to system and mission requirements.


The Integrated Combat Systems Automated Resource Sharing (ICARS) functionality includes the means to increase the effectiveness of the Aegis Weapons System ina complex battle force-level environment by providing planning and in-stride, dynamic adjustments for multi-unit placement, engagement planning, sensor, and weapons doctrine. It builds on the ideas the Navy has been advocating for years- we must integrate our joint force starting with real time sensor management at the speed of the flight.

CENA Probe

The Compact Electromagnetic Nondestructive Assessment (CENA) Probe is a handheld High Sensitivity RF Probe. It is used for nondestructive evaluation of materials for property and defect inspection.

Our Solutions

Modeling & Simulation

We help our clients understand complex behaviors across scientific domains within their weapon systems.

Custom Software

We develop computational electromagnetic software tools to enable robust RF and optics design solutions.

Custom Hardware

Our engineers develop custom antennas, radars, and NDE tools, for problems previously deemed too difficult.

Battle Management

We help decision-makers intuitively interpret complex data from numerous sources to ensure they make the correct decision at the proper time.

System of Systems Design

Our engineers holistically apply their broad experience to design, enhance, modernize, and support deployment of major DoD sensors and weapon systems.

Strategic Weapons

Our engineers offer capabilities in the planning, design, evaluation, testing, and maintenance of strategic weapons systems, such as ballistic missiles and hypersonic.

Machine Learning

Our team has over 5 decades of combined experience in applying machine learning to solve the toughest engineering and data problems.

Software Acceleration

We optimize algorithms for high performance on multi-core, multi-GPU, FPGA, and HPC resources, enabling faster analysis iterations and rapid data reduction for edge computing needs.

Commercial Products

IERUS has developed off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions that are commercially available. We also have the capabilities to design and develop new, custom solutions.

Our People

We are a team of individuals who aren’t afraid to dig deeper to solve problems.
We solicit and listen to our employees’ ideas and create an environment where they can thrive. As a result, IERUS has won the Best Places to Work award from the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce three times and placed as a finalist eleven times. The chamber has also awarded IERUS with Best Place for Working parents two years in a row!

The environment is very productive but at the same time is not rushed or oppressive…

IERUS routinely tells its employees that work/life and work/family balance is important to its culture…and the leadership consistently backs up those words with actions.

The most important part to me has been the ability to surround myself with multiple fantastic mentors.

The people at IERUS come from various different backgrounds but everyone seems to get along better than in any other corporate culture I have been a part of.

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