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Test & Design

Custom Solutions

IERUS is a low-volume, custom hardware provider that specializes in quickly applying novel electromagnetic technology to new and existing systems.

IERUS understands that constraints—such as size, power, weight, and environmental factors—can drive solutions outside the realm of off-the-shelf military hardware providers. When a legacy platform needs to be retrofitted, or when a specialty platform is in development, custom hardware is often necessary to integrate cutting-edge innovation.

Our design approach involves mini lifecycle loops that allow our hardware solutions to move rapidly up the TRL ladder. The following is a subset of different hardware design categories that we support:

Custom Antenna Design

We design novel conformal, low-profile, wideband, and multiband antennas. Our designs support harsh environments, retrofits, blank-page, and other implementation challenges.

Custom Radar Design

We develop cost-effective radar solutions to support event/test monitoring and laboratory measurements of low RCS targets.

Non-Destruction Evaluation (NDE) Tools

We produce RF-based tools to accurately identify and locate defects in materials and structures.

Optical System Design

We design end-to-end sensor models for a variety of sensors, from visible through long-wave infrared. These models can address most types of aberrations, distortions, and noises.