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Modeling & Simulation

Real-world Perfomance

Whether it is the modeling of innovative state-of-the-art threat systems or the simulations of exotic metastructures and photonic devices, knowing how these models and systems will perform in real-world scenarios is a pertinent precursory stage in the design process.
Computational design and analysis processes are also time-consuming and intensive. Throughout the modeling and analysis process, designers must choose between model accuracy and simulation run time, increasing the number of hardware prototypes that must be fabricated or the overall algorithm accuracy. Complicated problems such as these are difficult to solve. Custom software and tools are needed to better aid designers in rapid prototyping environments and when errors have high consequences.

Producing Quality Results

Since complete designs and models do not end with idealized operation in perfect conditions, our modeling and simulation approach extends to actual performance in real-world scenarios, producing quality results.
IERUS’s designers are experienced in developing phenomenological models that are essential when analyzing non-ideal hardware geometries in realistic environments. By considering the impact of various real-world effects and using our experience to decide which effects are important and which can be ignored, we efficiently produce unparalleled results. Our areas of specialty include target and threat tracking algorithms, atmospheric distortion and attenuation problems, and optical and radar signature analysis.

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