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A Thank You Letter

To my friends, colleagues, and partners,

As I think back through my life, I know there have been years of stress and tension. There have been years where my personal life was falling apart. There have been years with heated, court-contested Presidential elections. Like many of you, I well remember where I was on 9/11 and the months that followed. While outside my personal experience, I know our troops have lived with stress and tension of spending days and nights in harm’s way. I would argue, however, that 2020 was different.

In 2020, the stress and tension impacted every single person in our nation and even across the globe. The stress and tension were divisive, not unifying. Our emotional and personal needs were at odds with the scientific recommendations of our experts and even those recommendations were polarizing. The recommendations of our experts threatened our livelihoods as they tried to do what they thought best for our lives. In short, global pandemic became personal struggle, small or large, for 330 million people across our nation.

It is outside the scope of this letter, and indeed my ability, to offer thanks or give solace to every person who made a sacrifice or experienced loss this year. When something is just too big, start small-start personal. At IERUS, we believe in our mission – to play our small part, supporting programs large and small, doing our best to develop and provide the defenders of our nation with the capabilities and systems they need. We have had the challenge of meeting that mission while trying to keep everyone safe. 

While many of our team have played their part, I want to take this specific moment to recognize those members of IERUS for whom meeting our mission meant going into work every day. I want to acknowledge and thank our teams who have resolutely faced down this pandemic on a daily basis, masked, six feet apart, and keeping the lines of communication open for their safety as well as the safety of their coworkers and families. They have gone into their workplaces, dealt with outbreaks, ever-changing policies, numerous safety measures, and quarantines, and simply gotten the job done.

With our feet now solidly planted in 2021, we continue to support the mission. I am grateful for the members of our team who continue to get the job done.


Jason M Keen, PhD

President, IERUS Technologies

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